5 Important Points about Burbank Criminal Defense


5 Important Points about Burbank Criminal Defense

Today's post involves misconceptions about the Burbank Criminal Court. These 5 points, below, highlight the importance of understanding the significance of any criminal case, the potential collateral consequences, as well as the need for Burbank Criminal Defense.

5. My case is only a misdemeanor or infraction, so I can handle it myself.

Any criminal case can be serious, even infractions. For example, an infraction conviction related to alcohol may result in a DMV license suspension. A theft infraction conviction, such as Penal Code section 490.1, Theft of $50 or less, may be considered a crime of moral turpitude, and prevent you from obtaining a professional license or employment, or may result in immigration consequences or travel restrictions outside of the United States. A criminal case may result in fines, programs, classes, and/or jail time, in some cases. Thus, you should always consult with an attorney familiar with Burbank criminal defense.

4. I think I violated the law, so I am not going to contest the criminal case.

Although you believe you may have broken the law, there may still be an opportunity to explore viable defenses, strategies, and/or other options to resolve the case. Always have an attorney who focuses on local criminal law to evaluate all of your options for your case. You may have better choices than you think.

3. An attorney will be expensive.

The lifelong consequences of a criminal conviction may be far costlier if you forego attorney representation, as you have read in some of the above examples. If you cannot afford an attorney for your misdemeanor or felony case, the court will appoint an attorney for you, at little or no cost.

2. I will have a family friend (attorney) represent me in my criminal case.

If your family friend emphasizes Burbank criminal defense, this choice may be appropriate. Otherwise, properly vet any attorney you are considering hiring for your case. Make sure that the attorney practices criminal law in Burbank, is familiar with the local system, and has your best interests in mind. Use the discretion you would use in choosing a physician, accountant, or other professional.

1. When I show up to court, I will just explain what happened to the judge and this case will be dismissed.

Court is unlike any setting to which most people are accustomed. You will not have an opportunity to discuss the facts of the case with the judge at the arraignment, or at a pretrial case setting. A typical Burbank Courtroom has 60+ cases daily, and a limited opportunity to spend on any of them. Any attempts by you to present evidence about your case at these proceedings will likely upset the judge, and be counterproductive to your defense. An effective attorney can facilitate an orderly process for your case, without creating a negative dialog between you and the judge.