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Burbank Criminal Defense Attorney

Are you or a loved one facing criminal charges in Burbank, CA? You need the experienced & trusted attorney to personally provide guidance, answers, & solutions. You need Burbank Criminal Defense Attorney Gregory Caplan.

Mr. Caplan worked at law enforcement & prosecution agencies for 12+ years, including 6 years at the Burbank City Prosecutor.

He has been in private practice for 10+ years, helping hundreds of clients, emphasizing innovative approaches for 1st-Time Offenders. Mr. Caplan focuses on select clients likely to benefit from his personal & tailored representation.

You can listen to his clients at: Audio Testimonials.

Read what clients have to say about him, below!

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Law Offices of Gregory Caplan

He is highly regarded in the legal community, and works tirelessly for clients. Learn his strategies & see his video at: Burbank Criminal Defense Lawyer!

Your case is important and you deserve the most effective representation available. Find out your options and see if your case may be suitable for an alternative program. Call Mr. Caplan, now, at 818-536-3630!

Burbank Criminal Defense

Gregory Caplan has developed his criminal law expertise over a 18+ year period, incorporating the latest legal updates into his strategies. He believes that clients should be provided a complete overview of their legal options to make informed decisions.

He has substantial experience in a wide range of Burbank criminal cases, including, airport and tourist/vacation arrests, fake IDs, DUI & alcohol cases, theft, weapon, drug, hit & run, warrants, probation violations, and expungements. You can learn strategies at: Burbank Shoplifting Attorney.

Mr. Caplan solutions generally include contacting the prosecutor's office promptly about available alternatives. Because of his background, he understands specific criteria evaluated for City Attorney Diversion, and he works tirelessly directing cases away from convictions, whenever possible.

Burbank Criminal Attorney Gregory Caplan also publishes news updates; you can read a few of his recent articles in the Burbank Business Journal, as well as at: Burbank Airport Citations and Arrests.

There are many immediate concerns which need to be addressed with a criminal case or arrest in Burbank. Maybe, you have a loved one in Burbank Jail, and need to understand release options.

Perhaps, you want to explore possible alternatives which could minimize arrest consequences. It can all feel overwhelming without representation. So, don't handle things yourself. Get help, now!

Call Burbank Criminal Defense Lawyer Gregory Caplan - 818-536-3630!

Read his latest strategies on "Updates." For juvenile law cases, please visit: Burbank Juvenile Lawyer.

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*All results depend on unique circumstances of each case.

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