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Blog Posts in 2011

College Students Arrested in Burbank

Over the course of the year, many college students will be arrested in Burbank, for a variety of charges. These arrests can cause a significant problem with their continued college education, as well ...
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Burbank Airport Arrests

Burbank Airport is a high traffic regional airport where1000s of commuters start or end their travel. TSA monitors the baggage and passengers, and the Burbank Airport Authority conduct law enforcement ...
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Burbank Office Hearings in lieu of Criminal Charges

If you have been accused or involved in a dispute with a neighbor in the city of Burbank, what options are available to resolve your case? While the vast majority of criminal allegations will end up ...
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Burbank Felony Arrest

A common question about criminal charges relates to the level of criminal charges in a Burbank Court case. There are many charges which begin as felonies, but can be reduced to lower level misdemeanor ...
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Early Termination of Burbank Probation

A common issue that I am seeing these days relates to people on probation who are seeking employment. Because potential employers typically run background checks, a person on probation is placed at a ...
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Burbank Airport Arrest Attorney

Dozens of people are arrested at the Burbank Airport each year, for charges ranging from possession of drugs, weapons, or other violations. Because of the heightened scrutiny since 9/11, extreme ...
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