Burbank Airport Arrests


Burbank Airport is a high traffic regional airport where1000s of commuters start or end their travel. TSA monitors the baggage and passengers, and the Burbank Airport Authority conduct law enforcement with their own police officers, supplemented by Burbank Police Department.

Every month, people are arrested at the Burbank Airport, for charges ranging from possession of drugs, to possession of prohibited items. Many unsuspecting travelers going through Burbank Airport do not realize that there are many items which are illegal to carry in this environment. Penal Code section 171.5 prohibits items such as ammunition, tear gas, and stun guns, many of which would not be against the law to carry outside of an airport environment. Thus, people who have never had negative law enforcement contact find themselves arrested for unlawful possession charges.

In most cases, the federal government will decline prosecution of these matters, instead relying on administrative fines. However, the local prosecution agency, the Burbank City Prosecutor, has jurisdiction over these events, and regularly files criminal airport-related charges.

So, what can you do if you have been arrested at the Burbank Airport? First and foremost, you should not represent yourself or attempt to handle the situation on your own. You should promptly contact a Burbank Airport Arrest Attorney, to determine your best options. In some cases, the City Prosecutor will consider alternative options, such as APPS and/or community service, instead of a criminal conviction. You lawyer should thoroughly develop a positive dialog with the Prosecutor's Office, and explore all possible appropriate solutions.

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