College Students Arrested in Burbank


Over the course of the year, many college students will be arrested in Burbank, for a variety of charges. These arrests can cause a significant problem with their continued college education, as well as prospects for career advancement after graduation. So what can be done if you are enrolled in college and are arrested or cited for a crime in Burbank, CA?

College students have a lot at stake when facing a criminal charge. I tend to take immediate action on behalf of clients in college, typically contacting the Burbank Police Department and Burbank Prosecutor's Office, to discuss court alternatives. In some cases, court alternatives, such as APPS, will be considered for first time violators in misdemeanor cases. The prosecutor will typically evaluate "good character" documentation in these cases, i.e., letters of reference, report cards which reflect high grades, past personal/academic/occupational accomplishments, as well as information about volunteer service in the community. The prosecutor will also look at the level of cooperation that existed with the accused (i.e., did he run from the police and make their job harder?).

So what types of cases might a prosecutor consider for an alternative solution? In some cases, first-time shoplifting (the lower the amount of the alleged theft, the more likely an alternative will be considered), hit and run, trespass, local municipal code violations, and some weapon cases. Other charges may be considered for a creative alternative, on a case by case basis, depending on the circumstances unique to the case.

I think the above highlights the importance of having a defense attorney who knows the local system. Burbank Lawyers unfamiliar with these local possible options might let an opportunity pass, which could become unavailable at a later time.

Now, what happens if your case is not eligible or suitable for a court alternative? I think it becomes even more important to have any attorney familiar with all possible options. A Burbank Criminal Defense Attorney should explore the most appropriate solutions for your case, looking at the long-term consequences, as well as how to minimize them. For example, if it is not possible to avoid a court conviction, your attorney may be able to negotiate an early termination of probation, and an expungement of your case at a date in the near future.

In any Burbank case, you should always have legal representation, and never try to represent yourself without an attorney.