Burbank Expungement Attorney


Maybe you were young, or made a bad choice, and ended up with a criminal case in Burbank. Now you have matured and moved on with your life, but the case still holds you back.

You may be having trouble with a background check and missed out on a promising job. Perhaps, you were denied an opportunity to accomplish another important goal. So, how do you get a second chance to move ahead? A Burbank expungement may be your answer.

Penal Code section 1203.4 (also known as expungement) has been greatly expanded, allowing for new opportunities to receive dismissals of past cases. Your first step is to determine the most likely pathway to success.

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Caveat: Because of particular requirements of expungement, it is important to have attorney representation.

Can My Case Be Expunged?

If you received probation and did not serve a state prison sentence, you have met the first expungement requirement. If you served an AB-109 felony sentence in county jail, you may still be eligible for this process.

Do I Have Any Other Case?

If you have no other cases, you have met the second requirement.

If you have another pending case, or active probation, you are not technically eligible for expungement. However, your attorney can make a request to terminate probation, thus, freeing the way an expungement.

Is Your Conviction Eligible For Expungement?

Most felonies and misdemeanor probation cases are eligible for this process. In fact, many felonies can be reduced to misdemeanor level at the time the judge considers an expungement.

Depending on the circumstances, the judge will consider your performance on probation, and your conduct afterwards. If you are attending school and/or pursuing employment, many judges will give strong consideration to granting discretionary expungements. Your attorney can determine other helpful documentation to provide to the court.

However, a limited number of Felony and Misdemeanor cases are ineligible. Because of constantly changing laws, you should speak to your attorney to learn if your conviction is approved.

How Long Does the Process Take?

There are many variables for a Burbank expungement. The timeline is generally 6-8 weeks.

What is the Result of a Burbank Expungement?

If a judge grants the motion to grant your expungement, the judge will let you withdraw your plea/conviction, and dismiss the case. George Kita can carefully explain to you the specific details and exceptions.

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