5 Things You Need to Know About Your Burbank Case


1. After your arrest, Burbank Police will likely contact you and continue to build their case against you.

After a Burbank arrest a detective will be assigned to the case. It is customary for detectives to ask questions to involved persons to better prepare the case for court. Thus, it is likely that you will be contacted in person or by phone, for further investigation of your case.

If you have legal representation, your attorney can speak to the detective directly, avoiding a situation where follow-up statements will be used against you in court. Your attorney can also develop defenses and strategies which can be used to protect your rights throughout the case.

2. A felony arrest does not always result in a felony case in court.

If you have been arrested for a felony in the city of Burbank, your case does not have to be filed as a felony in court. Burbank police officers will typically make an arrest for the most serious violation that they believe has been committed, in many cases, a felony charge. Officers in the field do not have discretion to decide on the spot whether your case is a felony or a misdemeanor, if it is a "wobbler"(which can be charged as a felony or misdemeanor). That decision is up the Prosecutors' Offices. Intervention on behalf of your attorney can be critical in the filing decision.

3. Representation is important, even if you think you may be guilty of a crime.

There are oftentimes opportunities which can be explored with Burbank Criminal Cases, even if you think you have committed a violation of the law. Your case should be evaluated by an experienced Burbank Defense Attorney to determine if your case may be eligible for an alternative resolution. For many first time violations, the prosecutors may consider a form of City Attorney Diversion, which allows persons admitted into this program to earn dismissals. The range of charges considered for this option include, petty theft or shoplifting, unlawful weapon possession (such as batons, switchblades, and some firearms), as well as a range of airport arrests.

4. Thoroughly interview a prospective attorney to make sure this is the correct choice for you.

A thorough discussion with a prospective criminal defense attorney may reveal whether he or she is the correct choice for you. Will your attorney be the one handling the case in court, or will they outsource your case to a brand new attorney, or an attorney you have never met or chosen?

Is the attorney available to answer important phone messages? If you are having trouble reaching an attorney before you retain his or her services, you probably won't have much luck reaching him or her after you have paid your fees and started with the case representation.

Will your attorney make efforts prior to court to help resolve your case, or will he or she wait until the first day of court to start work on your case?

Make your selection wisely, and do not be afraid to ask any question which you believe is relevant.

5. Burbank Court handles cases differently than other courthouses.

Burbank Courthouse has a particular system in place. Your criminal defense attorney should understand the local process, as well as all available options, to make sure you are not missing out on a favorable possible resolution.

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